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RocketVolpe - Web Solution Agency provides one of the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services through freelancing PPC experts. We cater to your online needs in affordable PPC rates and prices by providing you one of the best PPC services in India. We understand the definition of PPC by heart and work on it practically. We have been the undisputed champion of the title of ‘the best PPC service provider in Delhi’, where we have worked on numerous PPC campaigns and have helped many businesses in India & USA by providing them our premium PPC service and supporting them to achieve ROI through paid ads on Google and Yahoo.

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What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click is a form of advertising that is the most effective way of drawing paid traffic to a website. Presently, the CTR (Click Through Rate) on PPC ads is more than 2% and anything that is over 2% is outstanding. So, the need of employing PPC method of advertising for any company becomes important in a highly competitive marketing world.

PPC ads can be availed from Google ads or Youtube Advertisements that project advertisements all over the platforms they own. Google ads especially become a famous option as Google Search Engine draws mass traffic. But affordable PPC ad management is not the work of a novice since PPC ads require handling sensitive information such as payment channels and PPC bid options. It is, therefore, better to hire a freelance PPC expert to do the hard part for you.

Our PPC service in Delhi & USA is very successful in handling innumerable PPC accounts and report their progress back to you. We apply this process consistently and keep a transparent way of working to keep you satisfied. Our PPC services in Delhi, India, also help you learn the process of PPC ad management which also includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in Google ads and other PPC platforms.

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Why Choose Our PPC Services In Delhi?

Our Freelance PPC experts have worked on over 83 industry-based projects over a period of time. They are Google certified and have real hands-on experience on how to run an efficient PPC Campaign. They provide reports on Google ads pricing, and update your account details for your benefits. Our PPC services are affordable than any other PPC company in Delhi or USA. We have range of PPC pricing options that keep the budget for your PPC ads tight and encourage good PPC results. Therefore it is better to hire a freelancer than hiring a separate expert for this PPC job.

An effective banner head for your campaign is what drives the traffic to your PPC ads. Our PPC company in Delhi (India), India also instructs you on developing an effective PPC banner to keep your PPC ad enticing. In this way we try to keep the quality score of the PPC ads thriving.

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Your Benefits In Choosing Our PPC Service In India, USA

You’ll get the following benefits if you choose us:
1. We’ll help you in your PPC training along the way while working on your PPC campaign.
2. We’ll help you understand the types of PPC: Bid-Based system and Flat-Based system.
3. We’ll help you make bids on Google ads according to your budget and will try to recommend appropriate keywords related to your ad campaign.
4. We’ll recommend appropriate spaces on Google ads.
5. We’ll help you design your campaign banner.
6. We’ll provide you reports on your progress and point out drawbacks in it if any.

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