How to Build Backlinks in Proper Order?

How to Build Backlinks in Proper Order?

Good to see you again at my portal!!!

Previously, I have talked about how to build backlinks.

In today’s blog, I will reveal how to build backlinks in order for the maximum SEO impact.

Everything which I will discuss here is used practically in every agency daily.

You know the meaning of backlinks???

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Importance of Backlinks

Search Engines utilize backlinks as a ranking factor.

Similar to real life, When people recommend a movie and you tend to become interested and develop a sense of trust for that thing.

Google also works in this way exactly.

The more quality and relevant backlinks the website have, the higher your keywords and content will rank which results in more and relevant traffic comes to your website.

I have already told about how to build backlinks.

Remember: - Purchasing Links from the wrong site can get you into serious SEO trouble. So, be careful who you get links from. I recommend you to get links from trusted providers.

There are 3 major things that make backlinks good: -

  • Authority
  • Relevancy
  • Traffic

Backlinks to Avoid

  • Irrelevant Websites
  • Domains in Questionable Geographics
  • Domains that have been hacked
  • Domains with over-optimized anchor text
  • Public Blog Networks
  • Software-Build Backlinks
  • Fiverr

Public Blog Networks

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A Public Blog Network (PBN) isn’t private.

Building & Maintaining PBN is very much time-consuming, expensive and technically difficult.

However, if maintained well and kept secret, it is very powerful.


Lots of SEOs go to Fiverr for link-building work.

But there is a quality link provider on Fiverr - these providers are spammer who is trying to make some easy money. They even don’t care about you and your clients other than selling their stuffs.

The question is: Do you really think that it would be natural for Google to see 5,00,000 links come to your site suddenly??

The answer is No.

Avoid Fiverr for generating Backlinks.

Evaluate a potential Backlink Opportunity

  • Collecting Important SEO Metrics
  • Rough Estimation of SEO Value and Define the best Backlink Sources
  • Running in-depth Analysis of the prospective Backlink Sources

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks in the proper order?

Now, You have understood the solid understanding of the fundamentals of Backlinks.

That is,
  • What Backlinks means?
  • Importance of Backlinks
  • How to evaluate them?
  • Backlinks to avoid

Backlinks must be in proper order that follows the most natural progression of Backlink types that is also helpful for the website.

Foundational Social Profiles

They are primary Social Networking Profiles that a normal business owner would set up and utilize it for marketing and social promotion.

Start your Backlink Building by using Social Media Profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter and more.

Foundational Business Directories

After a Business set up its profile, the next thing is to create a profile on the major business directories so that business can show up in maps when customers are searching for you.

This includes GoogleMyBusiness, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, etc.

Make sure you have created the presence on all the properties.

General Business Directories

The key to set up the business directories is to make sure that your information across all of your directories is consistent. Having a consistent Name, Address, and Phone Number on all the business directories will help you to show up higher in searches when customers are looking for a business in your industry.

Niche Business Directories

These are the web directories that are specific to your broad industries. For example, if you are a dentist you must want to get listed on dental-specific directories such as: -


So, you must want to have a presence on the broader level of industry i.e. related to health-related directories.

Location Business Directories

If your business is located in a particular city you would want to have a presence on the relevant directories.

Let’s assume that you have a business in Los Angeles i.e. located in California.


General Business Authority links

Business Authority Links places similar to business directories but are paid. This includes trusted and authoritative websites like,, etc.

The fact is that if you are willing to pay money for an annual subscription at business websites then you are less likely to be a spammer and more likely to be a business in the maps and on organic search.

Industry Authority Links

Industry Authority Links are the links from websites that have established a substantial degree of trust and authority with Search Engines as a result of their age, quality and size.

All of these places are potential websites to get backlinks from and i.e. very impactful for doing SEO.

Extra Social Profiles

Getting additional links is never really a bad idea unless and until they are questionable websites like adult-themes, gambling, etc.

They help in diversifying the link profile, anchor text ratio and build trust.

We have a service that will build around 100 Social Profiles for you on high authority and trusted websites by which we can see a huge SEO benefit.

Web 2.0 Blogs

Web 2.0 refers to the website that emphasizes user-generated content i.e. characterized specially by the change from static web pages to dynamic or user-generated content and the growth of social media platforms.

Press Release

A Press Release is an official statement delivered to the members of media for the purpose of providing information or making an announcement.

Businesses use press release to make announcements every day that they want in general public to know about.

Using a Press Release can be strategical move for your SEO.

Niche relevant blog comments

Getting the Blog Comments is something i.e. natural if you are interacting with your community, answering questions, etc.

Find relevant blogs and answer people’s questions or just make the comments on the articles you read.

Niche relevant forum/community links

Participating in forums is very similar to blog comments. Have a look for the forums in your industry and create a profile and so that you start engaging in meaningful conversations with the users. These must be the people who would be your potential customers.

Guest posts

Guest Posting is an SEO term. In this experts will write an opinion piece, research paper or just give their contributions to the reporter that will create the story and receive credit for the contribution.

Link Outreach

Link Outreach means contacting the websites and working with them so that they will link back to your desired site. Generally, this is done for SEO Benefit.

It works because you only identify relevant blogs/websites that have already linked to a very similar piece of content and let them know that you have created a piece of content i.e. even better and they should link to you instead.

PBN links

PBN Links are most of the powerful links that you can build yourself. It is a very complex process to build links to a single website for the purpose of manipulating search engine rankings.

Developing a graceful system for acquiring backlinks as it is going to get you far in your SEO Journey.

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