10 Email Marketing Tips to Increase your B2B Sales


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In Today’s post, I will outline 10 Email Marketing Tips you can apply to drive more traffic to your content.

One of the great benefits of writing an email content for Marketing is being able to build an audience organically instead of building the audience through Email Advertising. The best method to stay in touch with that audience is doing email marketing but it is used as a channel for sales instead of sharing your brand’s content.

80% of the Content Marketers are using email is to improve strategy. Reports found that Average Click Rate for Marketing Emails was just 3.9% in the first quarter of 2015.

It is easy to find data on email marketing by sector - i.e. Finance, Media, Technology etc. but it is nearly impossible to find good data on email effectiveness by using strategy.

The data says that the consumers are not interested in receiving B2B and B2C emails - their click rates hover just above 2% - but if you are involved in the media business, you can expect triple clicks.

Email is a permission-based marketing channel. If someone has signed up to receive your emails, they request more information. I encourage you to glance at the data on email marketing. The best Content Marketer always thinks out of the box.

Stay Focused

Email should be the core of every Content Marketing Strategy. If you want the audience to click on your emails, make it as easy as possible. Content must be short and straight-forward.

Use Accurate Data

Quora finds itself in a unique position. Every Marketer can learn from the solution they are devised. Quora personalizes emails based on everything they know about subscribers.

Remember: - Implement Emails as a Social Proof. Use the names and faces of the users who created the content and show the number of people who liked or commented on it. It encourages email recipients to join an active community.

Use Images

I will recommend to use images and it must be a part of Content Strategy, not Conversion Strategy. Images should add context to help the users to visualize the ideas. This enhances the visitor’s experience. Don’t use irrelevant images or context. Visitors will have a positive experience while reading the content.


A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online. Visitors need education, suggestions or inspiration. You can send relevant and less content to your audience so that they gain all the useful knowledge about the whole context.

Take Conversion Seriously

While planning your emails, focus on the key activities that you want to build. Not every email has a goal of selling products/services.

Put Content Ahead of Design

The great way to market online is to deliver valuable content to your audience so that they will trust you and want to purchase your service or product. We should focus on a necessary content.

Be Expected

You should let people know what to expect even before they subscribe to your emails. You must deliver regular and expected updates. Offer the opportunity for the visitors to set an expectation. Once the expectation is set, you should overdeliver but do it with great content, ideas and education but not number of emails.

Do what is best for the visitors

What you really want out from your emails is trust instead of page views. You should accomplish the goal without even asking the visitor. Include the benefits of Services/Products content that you offer to your audience in the emails is best for the readers.

Be Personal

For some or another reason, Email Marketers often write in the 3rd person, sending emails from behind a cloak of invisibility. Too many emails lack personality. Writing Emails and signing them with their own name adds a little pressure to the publishing process. If you want to earn your trust, let your readers know the beliefs in your own work by attaching name and face of it.

Include Content in all of your Emails

You send emails in the form of welcome messages, invoices, notifications, and receipts. There are many scenarios where Content can add valuable context to emails. Automated Emails can become a key traffic source and a valuable resource for your clients as it is a great way to get visitors engaged.

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