How to Gain more Traffic?

How to gain more traffic?

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Today I am going to share my secrets about how I increase relevant traffic to my website and on my client’s portals.

In this blog, I will discuss you the different ways to gain more relevant traffic: -

So, If you want to hit traffic on your website, this blog is for you.

And this is ensured by the time we reach to the end you must be able to figure out the Complete Guide on the following points to drive traffic to your website:-

  1. 10 Proven Strategies to increase traffic to your website
  2. Several Methods to get more views to your website
  3. Tips to increase website traffic organically
  4. 10 Ways to Increase Traffic to your website
  5. Targeted Hits for your website

Now, Let’s Start.

The question is: Do you really want to increase traffic??

There are many strategies that will help to increase more and more traffic.

There are more than 200+ Factors and Algorithms design by Google to show up results on SERP’s and you cannot hit all the algorithms at a time.

But I am getting better results day by day by using rights marketing tactics and strategies.

I have increased my traffic to many folds by using various marketing tactics without spending excessive money on advertising.

You look at my Google Search Rankings. That’s why I rank #2 for SEO Expert in Delhi.

Not only was I able to grow traffic by using various tactics but also I am able to maintain the traffic.

Here’s the look when I started using the Strategy: -

Here’s the look when I stopped using the Strategy: -

It’s been the same!

I know my stuff. That’s why I can rapidly boost traffic and conversion on any business online.

I can rank your business above your competitors by using unique strategies as I have done this before for several other industries too.

Tips to Gain More Traffic

Optimize your Website Content

If you really want to increase website traffic, you just need to optimize your website content. Otherwise, Traffic will come temporary. For this, make sure you have set up Google Analytics Tracking Code. Here are some of the Metrics you check in your Google Analytics: -
  1. Unique Visitors
  2. Pageviews
  3. Pages per visit
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Exit Pages
  6. Traffic Sources

Use Social Media

Once your website is prepared, you just started driving more and more traffic to it. For this, you should follow marketing tactics. You should post Eye-Catching graphics to gain visitors. It is a true fact when you combine the title with a strong engaging image, it is the best opportunity to generate traffic and clicks.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking refers to adding links from one page to another on your website. They are useful as the help readers to navigate the site. This is very useful as they help the readers to navigate the website that will help to improve the search rank.

Write Relevant Headlines

To find the Right Keywords for making Headlines, Use Google Keyword Planner Tool. With Right Keywords, headlines should have the right length so that it will get engaged by social media users to click on them.

Write Better Content

A great marketing strategy having catchy headlines won’t matter if you don’t have relevant content about that headline.
  1. You should engage users by telling the benefits of search engines, telling stories or state a common problem that your audience face.
  2. Try to keep the paragraphs under 6-7 lines so that it will get easy for the users to read.
  3. Add stories to your content to prove the argument.
  4. Bucket Brigades are short sentences that will aim at getting people to pay attention, continue reading, etc.

Create a Google my Business Listing

An optimized Google My Business listing gets more visits. Don’t forget to link the listing to your website. Listing must have all the information that a potential customer needs to make a decision. Customers might contact your business directly than website visits.

Include Hashtags in your Posts

By adding hashtags to posts, you can extend your reach beyond the network and get discovered by users. The more you link your website to another website, the more and more you can gain more traffic to your website.

Start Email Marketing

Send regular newsletters and promote offers through email is a perfect way to stay in touch with your customers and helps you to get traffic to your website. Provide useful information and build links to your website pages where customers can learn more. Write an email subject line so that customers can engage.

Connect to the Community

Build your Traffic in smart ways. The more people who visit your site, the higher your site will rank in SERPs. Create an organic posts and encourage people to check you and your business out. You can do postings on social media, write relevant content on your website pages or blogs and share those things with the relevant audience.

Link to other Blogs

Blogging is all about engaging with your relevant audience and interact in online decisions. When you link to your blog post, a blogger will find your blog through their stats. Visitors can subscribe to your site or leave a comment.

I not only work with high corporations or stable companies for many years. I do for startups also so that they can rank above their competitors.

And still, I am Winning! I am Awarded the best SEO Expert in Delhi NCR in 2019.

If you think that I only did it for my own site to get a ton of traffic and conversion you were wrong I did it for many clients all over the world.

I like focusing on what I am good at which drives traffic to the website.

So, If you are interested to work with me and grow your business, Contact Us.

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